Secure collaboration in a low-trust environment (Don't just call it blockchain)
Date & Time
Thursday, October 27, 2022, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Marc Zorn
Protecting against spoilers and theft of intellectual property isn’t just the job of security. We all want to preserve the value of our creations.

In the film world, security was about physical control. If someone walked off with a Goldberg case with a couple of reels of film, it was straightforward theft.

In the world of file-based workflows, security became about protecting digital assets by handling them like traditional corporate IT would. The biggest challenge has been trying to keep up with changes in every environment where the assets reside. Clearly, that effort is simply not achievable or sustainable as we continue to branch out. Theft and piracy have just taken new forms.

Collaboration happens now in real-time, sometimes with unknown players in unknown locations. In the “content creation” world, it’s about establishing a context for collaboration, and protecting access to that context.

What if data could protect itself, regardless of storage environment?

The cryptocurrency world creates value and trades it in a low-trust environment. So, why can’t we create and monetize content using a similar model?

Let’s create packages of content, encrypt them using digital certificates, move them quickly using fast networks, watch the use of those packages in real-time, provide services to update the packages, then send them back to the owner in a way that keeps everyone who touched them accountable?

- Create a package of value with encryption and access security
- Transfer package to collaboration space
- Track every contribution or access
- Maintain accountability through wide publication of activity
- Transfer enhanced value back to content owner

Learn how this low-trust model can free us from perpetual facility audits.
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Take-Aways from this Presentation
Implement industry-wide change to prevent theft of digital assets