Full Name
Connor W. Murphy
Job Title
Virtual Production Dept Manager
The Third floor
Speaker Bio
Connor Murphy combines the latest Virtual Production techniques with his on-set production experience to achieve the needs of the show. Working closely with other departments, he designs and implements virtual production solutions that free up directors, actors, and creatives to do what they do best. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Connor started as a mocap PA on Avatar, then became the Virtual Camera Assistant for James Cameron, then a motion editor in
post. Connor continued working in motion capture on films like The Incredible Hulk, Real Steel and Tin-Tin, as well as many video game cinematics.
In 2016, Connor worked closely with The Third Floor as Mocap Supervisor on Thor: Ragnarok where he worked daily with the actors and director to achieve the ambitious scope of the project. On pioneering projects like The Mandalorian and Welcome to Marwen, he found creative, practical solutions to unique shooting challenges with a condensed schedule.
Connor has continued to develop lightweight virtual production tools and Unreal integration, customized to our clients' needs.
Connor Murphy