Creating Lasting Change
Date & Time
Thursday, October 27, 2022, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Carrie Wootten
It is well recognised that diversity and inclusion is critical, not only as part of businesses CSR strategies, but because it also directly impacts the bottom line, the speed of innovation and the development of new products and services. Companies are discussing and championing diversity more than ever and this is fundamentally a good thing. But how does an industry that is driven by innovation and technology ensure that it keeps its eyes on the prize, of achieving a diverse workforce, and that lasting change happens?

Carrie Wootten, the Managing Director of Rise, discusses key initiatives and programmes of work that have ensured the progression and promotion of women across the industry. She also outlines how the support for women is still vital in our industry, with often quadruple of the number of applications for Rises’ mentoring programme, as there are spaces.

In addition to this, Carrie will also outline the Rise Up Academy programme and Rises’ investment in children and young people to #inspire, #educate and #inform them about the pathways and opportunities available to them in the media technology sector. Carrie will explain in detail the strategy for how and where the Academy is delivered and the results so far, including how we’re not short on diverse talent, we’re short on the investment to reach this diverse talent.

In a world that talks so openly about diversity, can our industry put its hand on its heart and say we’re doing enough to change the landscape? Carrie will argue this is not the case, but the will and desire is there. As are the programmes needed for this change.

What is now needed is firm commitment in cash, people power and leadership.
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Salon 2
Session Type 2020
Take-Aways from this Presentation
- to understand key programmes of work that need to be delivered by individuals and companies to achieve a diverse workforce across the media technology sector - to understand how to support initiatives that are driving change on diversity and inclusion - to engage with Rise and its global community that is delivering key strands of work globally - to ensure the goal is kept front and centre and each person leaves with a to do list of actions that will change the landscape