Content Personalization; a Future Vision
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
John Footen Jason Williamson
What comes next in the world of M&E after cloud? Imagine a future in which personalized content, that resonates emotionally in many ways, makes me watch and interact with it as it is delivered from the ultimate cloud content machine. It will leverage massive computing power of cloud, and the ability to use Al to make that content as compelling as it can be, to generate a different version of that content for every viewer from the raw content versions and metadata in context. The graphics can be personalized, but so can objects on the screen, the characters, the voices, words being spoken, volume, and the ads (in screen or interstitial).
Since every content type can personalized, this will lead to new genres of content never seen before. You can get different versions of a show based upon your mood, your level of interest in technical details, affinity for pop stars and influencers, the perspective of your favorite sports legend, and a wide range of emotional aspects of which your PII-secured personal profile Curator Agent is constantly aware.
That Curator Al will talk to media companies’ Content Serving Al to help it mix and remix fresh content. This has the potential to generate the most compelling version of documentaries, dramas, sports recaps, news summaries, movies, and ads that match my interests – and this extreme relevance makes it all very monetizable for broadcasters! And, the viewer-controlled personal preference data can be very valuable to, and monetizable by, individual viewers!
This session will explore the possible, the likely, and unlikely capabilities of a technology-enabled content personalization ecosystem.

Location Name
Salon 1
Take-Aways from this Presentation
• Finer identification and targeting of relevant compelling content • Personal profile agents working on behalf of the viewer and interacting with content provider agents to satisfy viewer preferences • Intelligent personalized production, staging and insertion of programming and advertising, leveraging edge services