8K UHD IP Signal Routing in Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Jianping Mei Fang Bao
On Jan 24, China Media Group (CMG) launched "CCTV-8K," an 8K ultra-high-definition TV channel, to broadcast the upcoming Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. To meet the goal of presenting exciting Olympic Games on CCTV-8K, CMG has advanced the infrastructure of the relevant program production system. The 8K UHD IP routing system is the core of it.
Olympics Broadcasting System(OBS),China Media Group(CMG) and NHK (rights holders for China and Japan, respectively) collaborated to produce 8K coverage from select venues as well as from Bird’s Nest Stadium. CMG took charge of the Opening/closing ceremony, freestyle skiing /snowboard big air and speed skating via 8K UHD. CMG's technical team produced 8K packaging unilateral signals at the Capital Stadium TV compound as well. The contribution and distribution of all 8K public signals and unilateral signals in the front end are accomplished by the 8K UHD IP Routing System.
This paper introduces the 8K IP Routing System , the relevant technologies and the application in Winter Olympics Beijing 2022. Besides the application, we will discuss the following technical issues :
The network architecture and orchestration,SDN centralized control vs IGMP;
The realization of large-scale non-blocking multicasting;
The clean switching based on switching equipment.
The synchronous switching of group packet signals;
The cyber security issues;
The system monitoring including PTP monitoring.

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Salon 1
Take-Aways from this Presentation
Technicians in TV station and media company Professional AV equipment manufacturers and system integrators;