Full Name
Terrence Wong
Honoree Bio
Terence Wong got his first degree in Applied Physics and started his career in the television broadcasting industry, where he spent a decade before joining the education sector specialising in Digital Media. Part of the Vocational Training Council since 2000, he has played a significant role as the Head of Department in the curriculum development of the Digital Media department, particularly on film, video and music production, 3D animation and visual effects, interactive media and transmedia.

To support more on the industry’s R&D, Terence Wong established HKDI Media Lab in 2017 to demonstrate creative integrated media applications. With his 30 years’ experience in media production and HKDI Media Lab, he has demonstrated a series of virtual production in professional quality to Hong Kong industry in 2020.

Terence Wong was elected as the Manager of Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (Hong Kong) in 2006, and was Chair of the society for 2017-18. He was also a long-time member of the Code of Practice Committee under Broadcasting Authority of the Hong Kong Government. In 2021, he was invited to be a member of the Film Development Council of Hong Kong Government
Terrence Wong