MTS Call for Voices of the Community and

Emerging Technology Stage Papers 

Voices of the Community

SMPTE voices of the community are brief presentations given by members of the SMPTE community during the conference. These short stories are intended to present the human side of our community. Speakers have around 15 minutes to provide a presentation that is more personal than technical. In the spirit of inclusivity, these stories are meant to be motivational, inspiring, compelling, personal, visionary, or some combination of all.The stories provide an opportunity for members of the community to express topics that are important to them. Selected stories will be provided with speaking guidance and support. (While short summaries are required for consideration, manuscripts are not required for presentations) To submit a short summary for consideration, send your name, job title, and up to 300 words about the main points of your story to

Emerging Technology Stage!

SMPTE Emerging Technology Stage sessions are 20-min long presentations of a use case, a technical solution, innovative workflows, next-gen technology, web-based production tools, or a similar topic, held in an open auditorium with around 30 – 50 seats. SMPTE welcomes all submissions that promise to be lively, informative, and interactive, and open doors to networking with the audience to promote further conversations and peer interaction. Each proposal will be reviewed by a program committee, and speakers will be offered guidance and support if needed. Each presentation will be recorded and will be publicly shared after the conference. If accepted, draft presentations will be required by September 1, and final versions by October 1.

To submit a session proposal for Emerging Technology Stage please visit this page and send your submission by June 30: