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The SMPTE Color Bar & Lounge

Located within the Solutions Hub

Join us for drink receptions, reconnect with your colleagues, or hold a casual meeting in this bar and lounge space within the Solutions Hub. This lounge will be the site of several special Happy Hour events, where various fun challenges will raise money for the SMPTE Education Fund, which supports scholarships, grants, and awards for Students! Look out for colleagues from Signiant, who will be the keepers of the golden free drink tickets!! When there isn't an event happening, you can still take a break and relax or have an impromptu meeting in this comfortable and inviting space!

Created in 1978, the SMPTE Color Bars standardized test patterns for film and television colors. This meant that film makers could maintain accurate colors regardless of the display they were being shown on. This standard is so universal that it has far outlasted its original intended use as a test pattern for analog NTSC equipment. The standard still persists and is used to maintain accurate chroma and luminescence levels in every display from plasma to LED.

The SMPTE Color Bars influence goes far beyond the screen. It’s nearly impossible to think of television without thinking of the iconic image. Practical, stylish, and persistent, the Color Bars have permeated the cultural zeitgeist in a way few television standards have. So, happy 45th birthday, SMPTE Color Bars! Thank you for transforming film and television for the better!