E.A.R.N – Enlarge Already Robust Network: 

This experience is for those seeking to expand their network and connect with old colleagues. The Media Tech Summit is attended by the biggest decision makers of the industry. The Summit features plenty of networking opportunities including luncheons, receptions, and of course, the Annual SMPTE Awards Gala and Afterparty. Attendees can even network during sessions and showcases at our brand-new Color Bar & Lounge!

Emerging Technology Showcase 

The Emerging Technology Showcase stage in the Solutions Hub will feature a full program of sessions focused on emerging technologies Tuesday and Wednesday, 17 & 18 October. 

This lively, informal, and interactive setting is full of exhibitors who present use cases, network with attendees, and facilitate further conversation at their booth. These exhibitors can't wait to connect with you and form career-long partnerships.

The SMPTE Color Bar & Lounge (sponsored by Signiant)

Join us for drink receptions, reconnect with your colleagues, or hold a casual meeting in this bar and lounge space within the Solutions Hub. 

Created in 1978, the SMPTE Color Bars standardized test patterns for film and television colors. This meant that film makers could maintain accurate colors regardless of the display they were being shown on. This standard is so universal that it has far outlasted its original intended use as a test pattern for analog NTSC equipment. The standard still persists and is used to maintain accurate chroma and luminescence levels in every display from plasma to LED.

The SMPTE Color Bars influence goes far beyond the screen. It’s nearly impossible to think of television without thinking of the iconic image. Practical, stylish, and persistent, the Color Bars have permeated the cultural zeitgeist in a way few television standards have. So, happy 45th birthday, SMPTE Color Bars! Thank you for transforming film and television for the better!

The SMPTE Spectrum: 

This space will be dedicated to the color science of digital cinema. Exhibitors in this space can present groundbreaking solutions for the fields of color management including color grading, reference displays, electronic image sensors and scopes. Solutions presented can range from simple solutions such as software and hardware to more complex ones such as those involving light and/or color interoperability for On-Set Virtual Production (OSVP). With the right technology and know-how, exhibitors can bring innovative ideas to life that would help facilitate standards and revolutionize the way we think about color and lighting from working on a micro-stage to a full-scale LED volume.

Solutions Hub Opening Reception

The Solutions Hub will begin with the Opening Reception, a huge networking event with food and drinks. Here, people can talk about the experiences they're most excited for, catch-up with old colleagues, and make new connections. It's a great way to meet new people and stake your claim at the Summit.

Award Gala and Red Carpet


Thursday, October 28, 2023, 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Afterparty to Follow!

Join us in celebrating our honorees! The evening begins with a red carpet check in and cocktail reception, followed by the ceremony and dinner. We'll cap the evening off with music and dancing poolside during the afterparty!

Coffee Breaks and Offsite Visits

Even if you want to experience the more technical route, there are still plenty of ways to network. With plenty of coffee breaks on three off-site visits to choose from, you'll have ample time to make connections that will accelerate your career.