The SMPTE Spectrum

This space will be dedicated to the color science of digital cinema. Exhibitors in this space can present groundbreaking solutions for the fields of color management including color grading, reference displays, electronic image sensors and scopes. Solutions presented can range from simple solutions such as software and hardware to more complex ones such as those involving light and/or color interoperability for On-Set Virtual Production (OSVP). With the right technology and know-how, exhibitors can bring innovative ideas to life that would help facilitate standards and revolutionize the way we think about color and lighting from working on a micro-stage to a full-scale LED volume

Spectrum Exhibitors Include:

  • AJA Video
  • China Research Institute of Film Science and Technology
  • Colorfront
  • DicongiberOptics
  • Eizo
  • Fiilex Lighting
  • Flanders Scientific
  • SRI International
  • The Studio - B&H
  • Unilumin
  • Video Clarity